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OnScreen Takeoff for Woodworking

OnScreen Takeoff Woodworking

What if you could streamline your takeoff process by completing your measurements and calculations as you mark up your drawings, allowing you to generate faster, more accurate takeoffs? Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could simplify your takeoff process? Wouldn’t it be nice to draw takeoffs right on your screen and have calculations and measurements done for you?

  • Take off completed in half the time.
  • No more measuring wheels and colored markers.
  • No More having to organize take off data by specific areas for the bid presentation.
  • No More storing printed plans for months and months and sometimes years.
  • Increase your accuracy as you increase your speed….a welcome event for 2013!
  • Save thousands in printing costs while you double your take off capacity and enhance your accuracy!!!!

OnScreen Takeoff Woodworking Software

The Best Takeoff Software for casework, millwork and woodworking companies is OnScreen Takeoff. OnScreen Takeoff will increase your productivity and decrease material waste.

OnScreen Takeoff ensures Woodworking Professionals accurate takeoff quantities for bidding jobs. On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) drives improvement for Woodworking, Casework and Millwork Contractors by delivering on the promise to increase efficiency, productivity and profit before the bidding process begins.

On-Screen Takeoff effectively reduces time spent sorting, viewing and comparing plans, counting objects such as cabinet doors and hardware, measuring trim lengths, and determining countertop areas.

Get rid of the high cost of paper plans by switching to digital. Keep the savings!

Easily share electronic plans between the office and field while conveniently viewing your electronic plans from a laptop or tablet device.

OnScreen Takeoff Woodworking Software – Features

  • Increase Accuracy
    • View color-coded drawings to identify conditions & their quantities.
      Save multiple hours with the overlay feature. Compare two versions of a drawing, deleted items are in red and added items are in blue.
  • Reduce Risk
    • Use the layers feature when completing multiple divisions of work. Turn on or off the plan image while concentrating on certain scopes of work. Increase communication efficiency by copying and pasting plans.
  • Bid More In Less Time
    • Eliminate an entire manual takeoff process, highlight marked images, precise quantities are automatically measured. Produce bids in Quick Bid with Takeoff interactive link, increase your productivity& eliminate manual entry errors, instantly price your bid as you complete your takeoff.
      Create an export link directly to Microsoft Excel templates
  • Counting Made Easy With Auto Count
    • Select any symbol or object on a scanned or electronic plan image & On-Screen Takeoff will automatically find & count the repetitive symbols within the plan.
  • Using Project Express
    • Easily send large sets of project files, and save time by sending files directly out of On-Screen Takeoff without the need of e-mail.