EnRoute 3D Carving Software for CNC

EnRoute CNC carving software is suited for many different types of woodworking and cabinetmaking businesses.

EnRoute’s CNC woodworking software and CNC cabinet design software helps create professional looking products.

Our easy-to-use but powerful CAD/CAM software can help you increase your productivity at each phase of the production process beginning with design and ending with output. EnRoute Software can be used as a stand-alone CAD/CAM program or in conjunction with other cabinet design software packages.

Alone or together with other software, EnRoute carving software will make your CNC router software more versatile, more productive and more profitable.

  • Woodworking
  • Signmaking
  • Nested Based Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing

Some of the few item that can be created with EnRoute CNC carving software

EnRoute Carving Software Tools Carving A Face
EnRoute Carving Tools Laminate Inlays
EnRoute CNC Carving Software Tools Rapid Texture
EnRoute Carving Textured Sign
Door Panel Textured Made Using EnRoute Software
Rasied Door Panel Carving created with EnRoute CNC Carving Software

Enroute Carving Software

Gives you a complete set of 2D drawing and editing tools that are unique
combinations of precision and creative CAD drawing methods.

  • Drawing Tools
    • What we mean by a combination of precise and creative is there are different ways that a part can be drawn. From a creative standpoint, the workflow would be to first draw a part and then resize it to specific dimensions. The precise method would be to draw a specific sized part at a specific location that doesn’t require a change after its done. EnRoute cnc carving software has good tools for drawing shapes either way. Standard Shapes include Rectangle/Square, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, Arc, and Draw Line/Polylines/Curves.
  • Draw Text
    • In addition to drawing shapes, Enroute Carving Software has a text functions that supports the Text Editing of Windows True Type Fonts. You can click into a blank area on screen to being typing text or can click along a path to have the text follow a path or arc. Any shape that is selected can be used. Alignment tools and graphic editing handles makes it easy to position the text any way you want it.
    • EnRoute lets you change the font size, type face, or kerning easily. Add text to lines, curves or shapes. Text remains as text and is not immediately converted to outlines so changes are simple to make.
  • Design Tools
    • In addition to Drawing Tools, EnRoute cad design software has a complete set of Design Tools such as Scale, Mirror, Rotate, Move, Inline/Outline including Partial Offset and Fillet Corners one at a time or all at once. Align, Weld and Selection Tools are included as well. When applying the Design Tools, EnRoute allows you to see a preview of what is going to happen on screen.
    • One of the more unique Design Tools is the Jigsaw Tool. This tool allows you to draw any combination of overlapping closed shapes and open contours and then create a new shapes based upon the overlapping areas. A quick and easy way to create new shapes or break one part up into several parts.
  • Editing Tools
    • Additional Tools for modifying parts once they are drawn include Point Editing with Sharp Corners and Straight Line modes, Trim and Extend, Join Contours, Cut by Line and more.
  • Measurement and Dimensions
    • EnRoute has Measurement tools to indicated the length of parts, angle and overall ares. And the Dimension Tool will allow you to leave arrows and text on screen to assign dimensions.
EnRoute Carving Software Tools

EnRoute Draw Text

3D Surfacing

EnRoute carving software has a unique approach to 3D Surfacing. We allow you to create a 2D contour that will define the overall boundary of the 3D Surface, or Relief as it’s called in EnRoute, and not have the Relief be confined to the material definition. This allows a number of advantages as the Reliefs can be Rotated and Nested. And Toolpaths can be applied to the shapes as a 2D Contour or as a 3D Surface.

  • Relief Creation
    • The first step of Relief creation is to draw or import any closed 2D contour that will be easily converted into a Relief using one of the standard profiles, Rounded, Beveled or Flat. Once a Relief is created, it can be easily modified using other 2D shapes in a number of ways such as Chamfer, Revolve, Extrude, Sweep Two Rails and Spin.
  • 3D Relief from 2D Image
  • 3D Relief Created with Rounded Profile
    • The contour was selected and the Create Relief function was used to apply a rounded profile to the Relief. There are different methods of applying the profile that will result in different kinds of surfaces.
  • Flat Relief Created from 2D Clipart
    • If a different profile is required other than Rounded or Beveled, a Flat Relief can be created and then modified using different methods.
  • Once a Relief has been created, it can be Copied, Rotated and/or Nested.
  • 2D Profile used to create a 3D Relief.
EnRoute 3D Created with Rounded Profile
EnRoute Carving Software Extrude Tool - Sheets Used

Rapid Texture

EnRoute’s Rapid Texture Feature allows you to create 3D textured surfaces in less time than traditional 3D surfacing methods by using larger tools with bigger offsets.You start by selecting a contour on which the texture is based and then adjust a few parameters to produce amazing results. You can create a virtually limitless selection of surfaces using this feature. Rapid Texture can be applied to almost any surface, including simple flat rectangles, relief surfaces, and any shape you can think of.

EnRoute CNC Woodworking Rapid Texture Tool
  • Text and graphics can be added before or after the texture is created using EnRoute’s Inlay feature. 3D reliefs can be incorporated into the texture for interesting design effects.
  • Big jobs are not a problem. A tiling feature allows you to break large jobs up into smaller parts. The texture seamlessly aligns from one panel to the next making Rapid Texture the ideal design tool for architectural panels. Because Rapid Texture uses larger ball end mills and conic tools, the cutting time – even for full sheets – is kept to minutes rather than hours.
  • A symmetric capability allows you to create a part that is repeatable on all sides. With Rapid Texture, you also have the ability to trim the texture to a specific shape, which reduces design time and cut time. Textures can be saved as templates and quickly recalled for use on other projects.

EnRoute Software Cutting Tool uses 90 degree conic tool

  • Two different textures — both created with a 90 degree conic tool and a straight line seed contour Changing a few parameters in the Rapid Texture dialog box creates a totally different effect

EnRoute Software Second Texture using a 90 degree conic tool

Nested Based Manufacturing

Process your layered DXF cut list and convert your batched files to a nested sheet of finished parts. The ATP was designed to process and cut DXF files efficiently.


is the process of positioning parts as closely as possible or at a desired distance from other parts for the purpose of optimizing material usage and cut time. This process may involve rotating the part, or when a pattern such as a wood grain is involved, the nesting would occur without rotating the parts. Objects can be nested with Toolpath applied because EnRoute has Associated Toolpaths that are connected to the contours. And EnRoute can even nest reliefs and slices of reliefs all on one sheet.

  • Advanced True Shape Nesting
    • EnRoute includes a very powerful True Shape Nesting feature that can rotate objects in 1 degree increments and gives control over the Plate Orientation, Gap and Margins.
  • Dynamic Nesting
    • Dynamic Nesting is a function that will assist in manually nesting parts. There is a graphic representation of where any given part can fit on the plate. And the orientation of the part will rotate as the part is moved around other shapes. This feature provides a lot of control over the nesting process.
  • Nest Multiples (Copy Nesting)
    • The Copy Nesting function will allow for one or more parts to be selected and nested as the copying process takes place. The object priority can be used to have more control over which objects are nested first.
EnRoute Objects After Nest
EnRoute Nest Multiples Copies