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Router-CIM® Automation Suite

Router-CIM® Automation Suite is a complete CNC machine programming package. This versatile product combines Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) features with the power of AutoCAD®, the world’s premiere Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Router-CIM® generates automatic tool paths for CNC Routers, Point-to-Point Boring Machines, Mill, Laser, Torch, and Water Jet Machines.

Shaped by years of experience in custom, industry-specific programming, CIM-TECH offers the best software solution. Router-CIM Automation Suite offers an integrated CAD and CAM interface, and its enhanced post processing capability supports virtually any profile machining center.

Router-CIM’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing Means:

  • Tool paths are created and saved inside AutoCAD.
  • You can use all of AutoCAD’s commands on the tool paths
  • No need to DXF out or save drawings to an older version of AutoCAD.
  • All tool paths are stored on separate layers so the DWG contains both design and manufacturing data.
  • One system to learn and use; combined design and manufacturing makes for a reduced learning curve.
  • 80% of CAM commands are CAD related commands.
  • Router-CIM uses unified design and manufacturing command set.
  • A single database for design and manufacturing simplifies file structure and edits.
  • Better designs because drawings are “fixed” for manufacturing.
  • Your design standards can be integrated into manufacturing standards.
  • Router-CIM data is stored in the industry standard DWG file format.
  • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) on 3D solids and assemblies from Autodesk Inventor® or any solids modeling package
  • Seamless integration within AutoCAD 2014 includes an updated ribbon style toolbar NEW!
  • Improved materials database functionality allowing for easy export/import, material reports and material editing characteristics. NEW!
  • Advanced Scrap Management giving you the option to select scrap variables in a multitude of ways. NEW!

Router-CIM post processors are available for virtually all machine controllers. We support the most complex machinery.
Powerful advanced nesting features that are only available in Router-CIM. Custom written software is available and can reduce the number of steps between design and manufacturing. Parametric macros are included, and you do not need to be a VB programmer to write them. Over 40 MDF door macros and 20 millwork macros are included! Multiple data sources and types: DWG, DXF, macros, 3D solids, surfaces, ellipses, splines, text and more.

Router Cim Screen Shot

AutoCAD® CAM Companion

Router-CIM works inside of AutoCAD and for customers who do not own AutoCAD, We offer CAM Companion that is a custom version of AutoCAD available only with Router-CIM. CAM Companion is powered with AutoCAD technology and it comes with the best CAD command set on the market. Standalone CAM systems have rudimentary CAD functions when compared to the powerful commands in AutoCAD and CAM Companion.

CAM-Companion Gives You:

  • Superior drawing commands and features.
  • Superior drafting and annotation commands and features.
  • Superior editing commands and features.
  • Superior visualization commands and features.
  • Photorealistic rendering.
  • Full 3D Solid modeling.
  • Access to many user groups, forums, and bulletin boards as well as local training, books, and tens of thousands of trained users.

AutoCAD CAM Companion

AutoNest® True Shape Nesting

Maximize your material yield quickly and easily with the power of AutoNest true shape nesting software. Automatically optimize the location and quantity of parts on multiple materials. Save time, material, and money with this Router-CIM® add-on.

AutoNest True Shape Nesting

Advanced Nesting Module

Router-CIM’s Advanced Nesting Module now offers our Automated Two-Sided Nesting, Stay Down Nesting, Common Line Nesting, Cart Control Nesting and Multiple Stock Control Nesting. These features quickly pay for themselves in time and material savings

Router-CIM Automation Suite Two-Sided Nesting Advantages:

  • Gives you the ability to program both sides of your material in a completely automated environment. With our unique process and custom cut cycle, there is no need to worry about registration marks or blending problems.
  • This new process saves time, money and labor. No need to resurface spoil boards, eliminate reintroducing parts and have completed parts ready for assembly straight off the machine with one simple process. Plus you get the advantage of having different profiles on each side of the parts to give your customers the truly custom look and feel that they are looking for without adding any more operations.

Router CIM Two Sided Nesting

Router-CIM Automation Suite Common Line Nesting Advantages:

  • Router-CIM’s Common Line Nesting can cut cycle times up to 40% by cutting two part edges at the same time. Instead of
    cutting all the way around a rectangle, Common Line cuts between the rectangles. This is up to 50% less tool motion and thus shorter cycle times.
  • The Common Line tool path utilizes a reverse ramp to maximize the cutter life. Parts are automatically nested, and our Common Line tool path is generated based on the programmed tool diameter. Common Line Nesting can also be used with one or both sides of a nest using our Two-Sided Nesting.

Router CIM Common Line Nesting

Router-CIM Automation Suite Stay Down Nesting Advantages:

  • Router-CIM’s Stay Down Nesting can cut cycle times up to 20% by eliminating the rapid travel from part to part. Stay Down Nesting also saves cutter life and chip out because the tool only enters and exits the material one time.
  • Parts are automatically nested and our stay down tool path is generated with an optional overlap to ensure smooth part edges. The overlap can also be made into a gap allowing the parts to be tabbed or connected together. Stay Down Nesting can also be used with one or both sides of a nest using our Two-Sided Nesting.
  • Router-CIM includes an overlapping bridge to eliminate any bump on the part where the tool goes from part to part. Other systems don’t offer this overlap, and it seriously affects the edge quality!

Router CIM Stay Down Nesting

Advanced Nesting: Skeleton Scrap Cutting Feature NEW!

The Skeleton Scrap Cutting feature will allow the user to define a maximum size of scrap that they will want the Router-CIM Automation Suite to leave. The benefits of this type of scrap cutting are that the operator will have smaller pieces of scrap to remove from the table which leads to a safer, more productive work environment. This feature is integrated with Router-CIM Automation Suite’s new Scrap Management System that allows for multiple direction scrap cuts. You will still be able to take advantage of the inventoried scrap while easing the strain of removing large sections of waste material by cutting them down to a manageable size.

Router CIM Skeleton Scrap Cutting

Solid-CIM 3D

Solid-CIM 3D is the ultimate solution for programming and nesting 3D solid parts and assemblies from AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, Solidwork®, and many other popular solid modeling products. Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) works directly on 3D solids and 3D solid assemblies to lay parts flat and identify machine operations. With one click, nested programs for any CNC machine are created with a cut list with all the parts, materials, and quantities.

Solid-CIM turns your solid models and assemblies into 100% machine ready NC Code for any CNC machine.

Solid CIM 3D

Solid-CIM 3D® won the 2012 IWF Challengers Award®.

Touch-n-Print Label System

Touch-n-Print is an interactive labeling system that can increase the efficiency of printing labels by allowing you to print at your machine as you need them.

Touch-n-Print displays a nest created by Router-CIM Automation Suite and allows you to print the labels you want.

By utilizing the touch screen on a PC-based CNC Machining Center you simply to

Label Systems

Touch -n- Print

Touch-n-Print System includes:

  • Touch-n-Print Software
  • Installation and User Manual
  • USB Twin Spool Direct Thermal Printer with All Necessary Attachments

Optional Features:

  • Customized Labels Per Your Specifications
  • Multiple Styles of Industrial Grade Thermal Printers to Choose
  • Dual Screen with Touch Screen Capability

About CIM-Tech

Established in 1986, the founders of CIM-TECH® realized that a CNC machine was only as good as your ability to program it. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) was needed to bridge the gap between Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CIM provides for a seamless solution with a common interface for design and manufacturing. From this basic concept a new company was created, CIM-TECH.

Our flagship product, Router-CIM®, was developed by building on AutoCAD®, the world’s most popular CAD system. With Router-CIM®, CIM-TECH created a manufacturing solution for high speed CNC equipment. Close ties to major CNC router manufactures have given us a hands-on advantage of perfecting our software so that our customers experience the fastest cycle times and the best yields. CIM-TECH focuses on custom-designed, automated manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer.

CIM-TECH® has released over 25 generations of software, each with enhanced features for added productivity. Our software is dedicated to simplifying the steps necessary for manufactures to move from design to production parts. Over 15,000 copies are being utilized by the world’s top manufacturers to operate on all brands of CNC machining centers.

Are you ready for a new level of manufacturing productivity where you save time, material, and money? Trust CIM-TECH®, a 100% American owned and staffed manufacturing software solution partner.